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The Complete Pet Company

The Complete Pet Company is 100% Australian owned by Jenny Golsby and her partner Graham Fels and together they produce the “Complete Meal”, a nutritious, ethical, delicious, raw, frozen dog and cat food.

Not only has the Complete Pet Company been producing the “Complete Meal” for 18 years, it is a Complete Shop of Wellness focused on providing natural solutions for pets and people.

Why use the Complete Meal?

Have you ever considered where the meat in your dog and cat food comes from?  What preservatives, grains, carbs, and chemicals are in the food you feed?
We have!  What we say is in the “Complete Meal”, is in the “Complete Meal”.  We DO NOT cut corners and we have stood the test of time.

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At The Complete Pet Company, we realise the importance of quality products.  Many considerations are taken into account when selecting the products in our store.

Many products are exclusive to The Complete Pet Company, with our solid tick of approval.

The Complete Meal

The Complete Meal is a raw, frozen dog and cat food made from Organic, Free-Range and Human Grade ingredients.  The Complete Meal contains the finest ingredients.

It does not contain any factory farmed meats and does not contain any colourings, preservatives or flavourings.

The Classroom

My work is based on a non-training approach.  I care deeply about the welfare of dogs and understand the connection we have with them.

I am committed to providing you the tools needed to build a solid bond that will never be broken.  When we know better, we do better.

Tip To Tail Hydrobath Service

The Complete Canine Clean

Brush: Remove knots & loosen coat
Clean: Ears
Clip: Nails
Trim: Under paws
Check for: Lumps, bumps, ticks & fleas
And a quick blow dry or towel dry to remove excess water from the coat.

Saturday appointments only.

Give us a call to make a booking or find out more.

I love Rosie more! Our home is so much calmer. We have initially as a family disagreed on how to do things and when this happens we call Jenny. It has been a pleasure understanding you and your explanations.

AntonettaGeebung, Queensland

Having been both delighted and amazed at the change in my dog’s behaviour after speaking with Jenny I had no hesitation in enlisting her services with respect to another dog knowing how relevant her advice is and that there is on-going support.

BettyToowong, Queensland

Jenny has changed our lives! I have been a cat person all my life until we were blessed with Stanley in November 2009. I instinctively knew there was something else out there besides obedience training. Jenny “talks the talk and walks the walk”. She leaves no room for interpretation and has educated me in a way dog training could never do. I have an enormous level of respect for my dog in part because I understand his world and his language. I still make mistakes on occasion and phone Jenny whenever I do. Fortunately for me Jenny never sleeps (or so it seems) so she is always available to enlighten me. The world needs more Jenny Golsbys!!

MichelleClayfield, Queensland

Awesome, Charlie is going great, he’s responded really well (as you knew he would), and I have managed to engage the whole family in the training….the family’s of course cause Charlie already knows it all!
He’s a pleasure to be around, still very excitable with visitors but he’s young too.

A few months ago that shoe there in the picture would have been shredded in front of me. He’s not interested now. So thank you for helping me understand his language….

Sue and SteveQueensland

Have noticed our girls bark a warning once before, and after a ‘thank you’, they break it off and come back. They seem to enjoy their new found freedom of access to whole yard. They seem happy with having more room in sleeping area with doors removed off cages and joined so they can be together. They still like sleeping apart by occasionally will share their bed for a short while then move back to other side.

David and WendyVictoria Point, Queensland

Having had dogs all my life I thought I was pretty good with them, but I found out just how little I know and understand the canine world. Thanks to Jenny I am now more knowledgeable and confident in dealing with our dogs (and others’ dogs as well). Although we had read the book (Why Does My Dog Do That?) prior to our consultation with Jenny, it all was put into place and far more effectively after Jenny’s visit. Please do yourself and your dogs a favour and allow Jenny to show you how to speak canine – your dogs will thank you for it, and your lives together will be very much enhanced. 🙂

Michelle & SteveQueensland

I’ve been putting your techniques into practice for the past week, and have noticed significant improvement in our communications. Sheba is responding well and I have greater control, being the Decision Maker. She is happier, calmer and more relaxed, as am I.

CarlaThornlands, Queensland

Thank you Jenny for all you do for the animals and showing us all a kind and respectful way to treat our beloved animal friends. You and your company are an inspiration.

Ruth Brisbane, Queensland

You all do an awesome job. THANK YOU 😊 for being there & offering your skills, knowledge, advice, great love and care, and products for everyone willing to learn & listen and for our special animal family members. And for those that don’t that is their path. Let them go with love. You help so many. Never give up.

Suzanne Queensland

Keep up your wonderful work…. not many companies put animals before their pockets 💜

Robyne New South Wales

Jenny Golsby, you and your team are wonderful, lovely, awesome people who I am thankful for. Know that most of us really appreciate what you and the team do for us and our animals. It is awesome that you are always updating your knowledge and willing to share it. I think you are awesome and love dealing with you. Thanks for being you, genuine, helpful, friendly and all the other wonderful traits that make up you 😘

Judith AnnQueensland

Love what you do and what you’re all about. And my dear ‘elderly’ but healthy and vibrant Labrador is testament to that ❤️

Anna Brisbane, Queensland

Jenny you are a champion for all animals. Thank you for being so fierce in your convictions… so glad to call you friend.

Sharon Cardiff, New South Wales

I can’t thank Jenny enough for educating me in the canine world, I feel that I understand my dog so much better. Jenny is very passionate about the welfare of animals and I feel very lucky to have come across this wonderful lady.

SarahBrisbane, Queensland