Dearest Jenny

I don’t think thank you is a good enough word for the transformation in my baby – Jaxon

After starting him on the Goat patties as you recommended he is starting to do really well, amazing actually since the day I got him we have had him almost every second week at the vet. He has been diagnosed with IBD (without doing the biopsy) he has had every blood test and ultrasound/xray etc you could imagine – I have tried every single vet recommended diet you can think of to stop him from vomiting almost every single morning BILE mostly but yes almost every day – always feeling nauseas licking his lips and looking sad this has been for over 2 years – also add the itch skin and diarrahea and we have had one sick baby.

My little boy runs now to his bowl of food and is so excited to eat, his skin is slowly starting to get better (still a little itch and red) but nothing like before and he has not vomited once in a few weeks which is amazing!!! For him. Also he no longer has the runs and his poo is well formed, we never had this before and no more smelly flatulence.

I can’t thank you enough for your telephone call to recommend the Goat, I WISH YOU WOULD BRANCH OUT MORE, your food is amazing and people need to know more about this wonderful food which you have obviously put your heart and soul in to research the best for our babies.

I spoke to Susan yesterday but there was no Goat left so I contacted Jenny in Sydney (Life on The Hedge) and will pick up 5 boxes from her this Friday.

Jenny Thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart xx