Avril and Andariel were rescued during their senior years. Mother and daughter, their previous carer’s dying wish was for Avril and Andariel not to be separated.

We tried a variety of foods on the girls during their transition into their new home. After a couple of months, the four of us deemed the Complete Meal for Cats – Kangaroo Patties the winner. When Avril and Andariel first arrived they both had inflamed gums and Avril had two rotting teeth, which caused her to be in quite a bit of pain (and us expensive dental work!). Avril also suffered from digestive issues – often straining to go to the toilet, with blood in her bowel movements on a regular basis. Two years on, our local vet is very impressed with the state of their teeth. Avril has not had blood in her stools and her health continues to improve. Their coats are also significantly softer to stroke. We attribute their healthy diet to this (The Complete Meal – For Cats).

~Kirsten Hentschel~