This is the story of my journey with Freddie.

Freddie came to me nearly two years ago as a rescue dog. He had a couple of issues, including that he was obese (he weighed 13.6 kgs), and he was lethargic and very anxious. Initially he could not be left alone at all – he would bark his head off.

I was very lucky to meet Jenny and her team after a friend of mine recommended The Complete Pet Company. After following Jenny’s advice, Freddie has lost 3.5 kgs over a period of six months. Initially we started by feeding him 3 smaller meals a day; a Kangaroo Meaty Tail Butt bone and The Complete Meal Goat Patties. Now he enjoys a nice raw bone in the morning and patties in the evening.

He is also much more energetic, loves to go on slow, long walks, and has even discovered the joy of waves along the beach.

He is still anxious when left at home alone, but we are continuing to work on strategies of how to help him cope better.

I couldn’t imagine a life without a dog anymore – the joy, laughter and fun Freddie is giving me is priceless…

As a result of the changes in Freddie and the difference he has made to my life, I have recommended Jenny and The Complete Pet Company to many other friends also experiencing problems with their dogs.