Graham loves to tinker, have a chat and laugh!  He’s Jenny’s partner and helps her operate The Complete Pet Company.   He supports her long hours, emotional ups and downs, her obsession with animal welfare, brings ideas to fruition and is often her sounding board.

When he’s not at work he enjoys pottering in his shed, chilling watching movies, working on his F100 and earthmoving at home with his very own excavator.

Graham’s role at The Complete Pet Company is behind the scenes.  His work is varied from deliveries, organising production, sourcing products, dealing with manufacturers, maintenance and problem-solving.  Not only is he trusted with Jenny’s recipe, he orchestrates production batches weekly, ensuring the quality is up to the high standard the company has always maintained.

Graham enjoys the work atmosphere and seeing the transition in customers’ dogs is what it’s all about.

Living and working with Jenny has changed the way Graham views animals.  He now has a great respect and shares his home with 7 dogs, chickens and a flight aviary full of rescued birds.

Even though Graham fully supports Jenny’s passion for animals, he sometimes finds her a little frustrating, like having to stop for every dead animal on the road, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.