Our vet recommended we put our first dog, Murphy-Brown, down at 6 months due to numerous health issues! Then we found The Complete Pet Company! We put her on the Complete Meal; she lived on to enjoy the most amazing health, a wonderful active, pain free life and passed at the ripe ole age of 11.5 years. Her longevity is a credit to the nutritional benefits of the The Complete Pet Company’s food and the knowledge we gained from Jenny and her team about how best to care for our beautiful girl! Words cannot express how much this means to us. Thank you Jenny for who you are, what you stand for and who you BE!

Gypsy our black Labrador has always had the Complete Meal (for dogs), she is now 3 years old. She has the most incredible soft glossy coat that everyone comments on. She is a happy, energetic and content labrador who really does love her food. She has no health issues and is in great condition.

Zoe our 5 year old burmese cat has been on Complete Meal (for cats) for over 3 years now. Previously we had feed her raw biodynamic mince from a kitten with raw chicken a couple of times a week. She loved (was always wanting) a particular dried biscuit treat.

However – we realised that she suffered from flaky skin and was constantly scratching herself. She appeared to have a form of eczema that got worse and worse with time!

We discovered that The Complete Pet Company had a raw cat food when investigating what may be causing Zoe’s skin condition. Given the wonderful results we have always had with our dogs on the Complete Meal and having read about the ideal raw balanced diet for cats (which was a light bulb moment) on their website, we decided to try the Complete Meal for cats.

We started her with the Chicken patties, which Zoe loved and devoured from the start! (This surprised us as she was kind of fussy with her food choices!).

We now also use Kangaroo and beef patties, which she goes absolutely crazy for.

Her skin condition cleared within 2 weeks of changing! We have had NO health issues with her since. The other key change in her was before being on the Complete Meal –  her stomach hung down and I wondered why, it was kinda flabby. It is NOT anymore! It was always a concern for me and I had not idea what caused it. She now has a lovely tight tummy and is in perfect health.

We love the passion and integrity of the team at The Complete Pet Company, we know that they have our pets best interests at the heart in everything they do. To find a company that is so ethical and almost evangelical about pet health, wellbeing and care is so refreshing and we are so grateful for. Our pets LOVE the food and are in the most wonderful health, full of energy and vitality. Thank you Jenny and her team.

Janet & Vanessa, Gypsy, the late Murphy-Brown and Zoe xxxxx