Jenny ‘walks the walk and talks the talk’ in all aspects of her life.  At home on her own pets and animals she uses the same natural products – homeopathy, Bush Flower Essences, DoTERRA Essential Oils and herbs – that she sells and promotes in the shop.

Jenny is very passionate about all animals and is dedicated to educating people about the animal cruelty that surrounds us all.

Not only the abuse to our domestic animals, but the disgusting practices taking place with our livestock, the unspeakable practice of Live Export, Puppy Farming and Back Yard breeding for monetary gain, and the unnecessary cruelty of animal testing to create perfumes, makeup, cleaning products and more.

Next time you purchase a product, check to see that its ingredients are ‘Not Tested on Animals’ – it’s really not that difficult!
Jenny believes if we all do our bit, we can change the way our animals live and are treated.