Jessica lives at home in Brisbane with her family and her dog Millie.  She has now called Brisbane home for 7 years, but prior to moving to Australia, grew up in many different countries across the world including England, the Seychelles, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.  She would like to travel the world more at some point when she is older, especially to France, where she can develop her love for the French language.

Jessica graduated from high school in November 2018 after completing her International Baccalaureate Diploma.  Unsure of what she wanted to pursue career wise, she decided to take a break from study and explore life and her new freedom.

In April 2019, Jessica and her family decided to add a new member to their family – a little black Miniature Schnauzer puppy called Millie.  She stumbled across The Complete Pet Company one afternoon when her and her mum came in looking for a dog toy.  And suddenly everything that they thought they knew about how to raise a dog was turned on its head.  But it all instantly made sense, and Jessica knew that it was the right path to follow to give Millie the best life possible.

Since meeting Jenny and learning about the work she does, and having been on her own journey with Millie, Jessica’s perception of dogs has completely changed.  She no longer sees them from the outside as ‘just dogs’ that people have as pets, but as individuals who are each so unique and beautiful in their own way.  Her own little dog Millie has brought so much joy into her home and to her family, and she could not imagine life without her.  She is now passionate about helping other people and their dogs discover the same path that she did and wants to help give each dog the best happy and enjoyable life possible.

Jessica was brought up with a focus on health and natural alternatives and values the use of natural remedies and chemical-free products.  She takes an interest in learning about natural modalities like essential oils, including their use for animals.  She believes that we should treat our pets no differently to ourselves when it comes to health, and that we should be invested in reducing the chemical load in their world as well as our own.