Julia has two sweet little dogs, Tinker and Tailor, and we must not forget her husband Stefan.

Jenny and Julia met early in 2016 when she attended the workshop “Discover the Dog Within” held at The Complete Pet Company.  It was then that Jenny recognised something different in Julia, and what sealed the deal was her continuous following, desire and common-sense approach.
In Julia’s words, “she became addicted to The Complete Pet Company and had to learn more”.

Julia worked in the modelling and acting industry where she had been for several years, but after completing the workshop her world was turned upside down.  It changed her life and the lives of her dogs and eventually drove her to pursue her dream.  She developed a sense of urgency to tell the world what The Complete Pet Company and Complete Canine Communication were doing and wanted to help in any way she could to get the message out.  It was after attending Jenny’s workshop for the second time that she developed a Facebook page blogging about her experiences and to help others join her journey of connecting, observing and respecting.  After weeks of brainstorming, Julia come up with the perfect name for her page:
CORE- Dogs Blog.  (C)onnect – (O)bserve – (R)espect – (E)ducate.

In early 2017, Julia and Stefan had plans to move to Brisbane and with a desire to change careers, Julia pursued her dream of working with Jenny at The Complete Pet Company.  She approached Jenny numerous times with enthusiasm and pitched a position for herself working on The Complete Pet Company and the Health and Harmony Facebook pages.

It wasn’t long before Jenny recognized her potential.  Julia is now operating the hydrobath service on Saturdays (trained by Jenny), assisting with the Complete Canine Communication workshops and serving in the shop.  Julia has now entrenched herself as a member of the team as well as her side business, dog walking using the Haqihana Harness, long lead and techniques she learned from Jenny.

Julia’s empathy for animals continues to grow and is the drive behind all of her future goals, hopes and dreams.
She one day in the not too distant future hopes that people will see the benefit of walking dogs on a good fitting harness (Haqihana), using a long 4mtr + lead for sniffing and social walking, feeding their dogs and cats what she sees as the most beneficial food on the market – the Complete Meal, be more educated by attending Jenny’s courses as she did, reduce the use of chemicals in our animals and treat all health with a natural approach.

A huge goal, but one she may just see come to fruition with the team at The Complete Pet Company.