Just like to say how your Complete Meal has changed Leo’s life so that he isn’t uncomfortable anymore! Thank you so much!

He is our 3-year-old Havanese boy.  He suffered skin irritations and ear infections on and off for around 2 and a half years. Our vet treated him using steroid creams, antibiotic treatment, medicated shampoo and ointment with little improvement.

Our vet advised us that feeding him raw meat is unethical as he’s a domesticated breed he wouldn’t be able to digest it and recommended Hills prescription diet food. Thinking we were doing the right thing for Leo we started feeding him Hills dry food. Leo absolutely hated it. In fact, Leo being a fussy eater hated most of the high end dry foods. It was our daily struggle to find him food that he’d eat. Then we came across a brand Meals for Mutts and the only local store that stocked them was Aussie Pooch. Bought a bag of Meals for Mutts and Leo absolutely loved the food and for the first time ever, he managed to eat a whole entire bag.

Went back in store to Aussie Pooch to get some more dry food for Leo and that’s when we met Hannah. I spoke to her about Leo’s conditions and she kindly explained to us about the benefits of going raw. Truly made sense and couldn’t agree more with what Hannah was saying; she recommended The Complete Pet Company’s Complete Meals and some kangaroo bones.

It has been 6 months since Leo started eating the Complete Meal Patties and we’ve noticed some changes. No skin irritations, no ear infections, no unnecessary visits to the vet, his coat is so soft and the amount of energy he has is unbelievable! Leo’s transformation has been incredible and has changed both Leo and our lives for the better! All it took was an amazing person like Hannah to inform owners like us to do what’s best for our dog. We are so thankful and grateful for this change!

I was disappointed in myself for thinking that dry food was the right thing to do. When I asked the veterinarian, they strongly advised me to not give Leo any form of raw meat unless it’s a bone. That didn’t sit well with me, nor could I understand it but I trusted my vet because they should know best. But after all the mistakes I’ve made and all the poor choices I made for Leo, I’m glad that now I’m on the right track and actually doing something that’s better for him.

One thing I forgot to mention is that Leo sleeps better now. He suffered from ear infections which caused him to wake up multiple times a night or when we were watching TV he would jump up to scratch his ears. But now, he’s really well rested.

I can’t thank you enough for putting all the work and effort to create such amazing food. Ever since we changed his diet to your Complete Meal, we haven’t had to take Leo to the vet once! I just don’t know how to properly thank you enough but truly I am so so grateful. I recommend everyone to feed their dog the Complete Meal now! Even to the friendly strangers who compliment Leo’s fur on our walks. We’re using the Haqihana harness and lead. It has been amazing.

Please do share and use the photos! Being able to spread the word means the world to me. Every dog deserves a chance to live a better and healthier life!

I’ve attached a few photos from last night and today so please feel free to use them!

Once again, Jenny and everyone at the Complete Pet Company, thank you so much for all your hard work.

~Miho Tanaka~