Our beautiful 3 year old staffy Bentley has suffered from gut problems since the day we brought him home. He suffered from constant bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea, so bad that he usually had to be hospitalised. My husband and I didn’t know what to do and not being educated in this area we turned to our local vet. Our vet instructed us to put Bentley on a hypoallergenic dry food diet as she said Bentley must have an intolerance to protein. We listened and put Bentley on this hypoallergenic food straight away.

Unfortunately the gut problems did not stop there. Bentley was now not only getting sick but he was starting to not be his usual relaxed and happy self. We were sick of watching our beautiful boy continue to get sick so I started to look into alternative diets. The more I read and researched the more upset I was with what I had been feeding Bentley.

A lovely friend of mine suggested I look into the food from the Complete Pet Company. Bentley has now been on the Complete Pet Goat Patties for about 3 months and wow what a huge difference it has made already. His coat is as healthy as I have ever seen it and anyone who comes in contact with him comments on this too. His poos are smaller, a healthy colour and have no odour. He has had no gut problems at all. This is the longest time we’ve ever been without having to take him to a vet. He’s an overall calmer dog and anyone who comes to our house has noticed this. While he is still our fun loving Bentley, he is far more relaxed than he has ever been with visitors.

I know this is not all down to the change in diet too. When I first went into the shop I spoke with Jenny about the issues we were having with Bentley’s gut. She immediately pointed out that food alone was not going to solve Bentley’s gut problems and that his harness was a major issue. I admit that I was skeptical at first about how the harness had anything to do with his gut. But after listening to Jenny explain it and reading the information she gave me it made absolute sense to change Bentley’s harness.

He now wears a Haqihana harness and is walked on a long lead. He absolutely loves his walks. There is plenty more I could go on about but the main thing I want to say is thank you. Bentley is a very important part of our family and I am so grateful for the help which you’ve given me to ensure he is living the happiest and healthiest life he can. That’s all we’ve ever wanted for him.

I look forward to continuing this healthy journey and learning more with you all!