Susan is a reliable hard worker who is very good at what she does.  She takes pride in her work and strongly backs up what The Complete Pet Company stand for.

Susan lives with her two dogs, Buddy a 12-year-old Sheltie and Molly a 9-year-old Bichon Maltese.  She feels privileged to be living with them and always wants to give them the best of everything.  Some years ago, Buddy and Molly were experiencing health issues.  Susan came to realise they required a diet change, which meant finding the right food for them was crucial.  Having heard of Jenny eventually lead her to The Complete Pet Company.  After seeing positive results, Susan became a loyal customer and stockist of the Complete Meal.  Aligned with the desire for a change of pace & direction in her career, Susan’s involvement with The Complete Pet Company deepened after accepting an offer to begin working with Jenny’s partner Graham packing their ethical raw food.  As the business grew, so did Susan’s involvement, which progressed her into the role she has today.

When a customer walks into the shop, they will most likely be welcomed by Susan.  Although not many photos of her will adorn our website and Facebook pages, Susan is undoubtedly the face of The Complete Pet Company’s shop and renowned for her incredible customer service.

Her roles and responsibilities include working in the office, serving and helping customers in the shop, as well as taking delivery orders over the phone.  She packs the delivery boxes and is diligent when it comes to ensuring they make it out on time and tracking their progress.  She takes care of the website and manages the shop floor stock.

Susan is valued by many, describing herself as a ‘Canine Wellness Consultant’.  A title she came up with to better describe her work at the Complete Pet Company.  She hopes this sparks people’s interest to learn more about the company and understand the difference from the average pet shop and pet food.

Susan is an energy modality nut!  She has studied Reiki, attended workshops covering various energy modalities and is now moving in the direction of practicing Heart Resonance for pets along with using NES Health.  She believes that energy is everything and that one can heal themselves with energy if that’s what the soul is here to experience.  Her hidden talents will soon be revealed when she begins offering her services in house to customers.  This exciting element will complement existing products and services already available at The Complete Pet Company.

It goes without saying that Susan loves her job and enjoys being able to help educate people and make a difference to pets’ lives.  She says that animals have so much to give and do so much for us that we should be giving back to them.  Susan says “animals just want to live in harmony” and she wants to help make that possible.