Tricia lives with her two German Shepherds, Mikaela and Bernie.

Her interests are varied, from the beach to movies as well as her busy Facebook page Joaquin Phoenix Central.  For those that don’t know, Joaquin does incredible work speaking out for animals.  Tricia has an eye for detail and loves to design and is responsible for many of the brochures, flyers, banners and signs for the Complete Pet Company.

Her tenacious passion for the Orangutan is admirable.  So much so, she adopted four beautiful babies through the Australian Orangutan Project and in 2012 Tricia adopted “Rahayu”, a very special baby in memory of Jenny’s mother who passed away.
She still donates for these beautiful animals today.

Jenny and Tricia’s path crossed in 2000 when Jenny was called out to hydrobath Sam her German Shepherd.  It was not long before they had developed a special friendship with their common interest in animals.  In 2003 when The Complete Pet Company started, Tricia’s bookkeeping background was the perfect answer to fill the position.
Tricia has seen the company grow from producing the Complete Meal in Jenny’s bath tub to where it is today.
Her duties are varied, and she is happy to slot in wherever needed.  When she isn’t busy organising us, production, doing the financials, banking and general admin duties, she can be found raiding the fridge or chatting to clients.

Tricia is not only a special friend to Jenny, she is caring, supportive and fun to be around, except at BAS time when she becomes vicious and we all know to stay well away.
But we love her anyway.