Lyndall Pinchen from Canine Vitality is consulting at The Complete Pet Company on Thursdays and alternate Saturdays

Lyndall is a qualified Naturopath with 30 years experience, 10 of those years working with dogs (and cats).

Lyndall understands that individual dogs and cats have specific needs and that when these needs are met, they will live a long, happy, healthy and vital life. She recommends natural raw feeding, herbs, essences and other holistic treatments that are effective and work to help bring your best friend back to optimum health.

Working from a holistic perspective, a Naturopathic treatment plan involves working to identify the underlying cause of your animal’s health condition and working to then balance this naturally, from all perspectives.

About Lyndall Pinchen

As an Animal Naturopath with many years experience, Lyndall Pinchen from Canine Vitality is truly passionate about your dog’s health and happiness. Not only does Lyndall offer consultations at The Complete Pet Company and via phone or skype, she has developed a range of natural herbal formulas that are aimed at treating many common conditions that our dogs face today. Her Happy Healthy Dogs herbal range is made from herbs of highest quality offering safe and effective remedies that promote your pet’s emotional and physical wellbeing and thus their ability to live long, happy healthy lives.

Appointments Essential

Please contact The Complete Pet Company on (07) 3855 3555 to make an appointment or contact Lyndall directly on 0417 710 882 or visit her website.