Dr Brooke Steenstra from Holistic Health Mobile Veterinary Care is consulting at The Complete Pet Company on Wednesdays

Dr. Brooke takes an integrative approach combining both conventional and alternative veterinary treatments, providing your pet with a personalised plan to ensure their health and wellness is the best it can be.

Services range from annual wellness exams, to treating allergies and responding to serious medical conditions.  Depending on your animal’s condition, Dr Brooke has a natural or traditional treatment option available.

Services available include:

– Holistic/Integrative Consultations: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Laser Therapy, Essential Oils, Pet Massage

– Titre Testing and Vaccinations

– Surgery & Injury Aftercare and Rehabilitation

– Palliative Care and End of Life

– Treatment Packages

– Wellness Packages

Examinations are performed using standard veterinary equipment along with Chinese medicine and natural therapy approaches.  If diagnostic tests are needed, Dr Brooke has the equipment to do blood and urine tests, titre tests, ear and eye examinations and cytological exams.  Her specialised vet van contains veterinary medications and herbal medicines, as well as vaccines, titre tests & supplements.  She has special arrangements with various veterinary clinics to be able to provide locations for required surgery or advanced diagnostics.

Who is Dr Brooke Steenstra BSc BVSc (hons)

Dr. Brooke was born to work with animals.  Upon completing her degree in Marine Biology and Psychology, Dr. Brooke embarked on her journey as a Marine Mammal Trainer.  While she absolutely loved her job, she felt there was more in her and more to offer the animals she worked with.  So, she became a vet.

After working in the industry, Dr. Brooke pursued further learning in alternative therapies to complement her veterinary medicine skills.  What she found was this approach took her veterinary care to a more rounded and complete level of care.  Through her practice, Dr. Brooke has witnessed many amazing results from an integrated approach to conventional and alternative veterinary treatments.

Through this holistic journey, Dr. Brooke has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to provide your pet with a perfect, personalised plan to good health.

Appointments Essential

Please contact The Complete Pet Company on (07) 3855 3555 to make an appointment.

If you would like to discuss your pet’s condition prior to making an appointment, please contact Dr Brooke direct on (07) 3067 2456 or visit her website.