The Complete Pet Company began trading on the 3rd of March in 2003.

After achieving her first goal, Jenny set out to create an environment where she could focus on the things she loved most.  This space has become the Complete Shop of Wellness, providing natural products and services with a focus on Homeopathy, Herbs, Essential Oils, Behaviour and Education with an incredibly talented team.
They are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Working alongside the Complete Pet Company is its sister business Complete Canine Communication.  This service provides workshops, talks, and 1-2-1 consultations from the premises, assisting people to better understand our canine companion through Choice, Curiosity, and Compassion.

The Complete Pet Company and Complete Canine Communication are motivated to change the way we think, feel, act, treat and communicate with all animals.

The Complete Pet Company also offers home delivery from its retail outlet at Enoggera.

The Complete Pet Company and Complete Canine Communication – more than just a pet shop – we are your Complete Shop of Wellness for Dogs and Cats with a focus on Nutrition, Health and Behaviour.