Two women living their Dream

Two women in Brisbane are living their dream. Eileen McLean, from natural animal healing business Natural Animal Care, and Jenny Golsby, from ethical pet food business The Complete Pet Company, are walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to helping animals. Great friends and colleagues, Eileen and Jenny shared a little about each other with Holistic Bliss.

Jenny says, Eileen has always had an affinity with animals. As soon as she left school she attended the University of Queensland studying animal sciences. Further studies led Eileen to her real passion, natural therapies, and in 2004 she started home based business Natural Animal Care promoting alternatives for animals.
Due to Eileen’s gentle and caring nature and the wide range of healing modalities that she offers, she is able to tune into and develop a relationship with the animal she is working with and provide assistance in the areas required.

In recent months, due to an epiphany, Eileen set up an informative website animalethos. animalethos allows Eileen to express her concerns about animal welfare, while educating and inspiring her readers to make changes in the ways they treat animals.

Eleen tells us, “Jenny Golsby is an inspiration!” With partner Graham, Jenny runs a completely ethical pet food business, producing and selling free range organic dog and cat food. She spends her days educating people on all aspects of animal welfare, as well as teaching dog owners how to understand canine language through her other passion, Dog Listening.

Jenny grew up on a large property in NSW and spent many years travelling before moving to Brisbane. She started out in the pet industry as an RSPCA inspector, and then hydrobathing queen, before being inspired to make a difference in the pet food arena. As a dog washer she saw dogs with skin conditions and other chronic issues, where the common denominator was processed foods containing by-products of factory farmed meats.

Frustrated by unhealthy dogs, and the unethical treatment of animals, she started The Complete Pet Company. “We wanted to create the best raw, natural, free range, organic dog food on the market, and it began in my house, mixing ingredients in the bath tub!” The business has come a long way since then with a shop established in Keperra on Brisbane’s northside, stockists throughout Brisbane, and now available on the Sunshine Coast.

Eileen and Jenny work beautifully together, united by their passions not only for animals, but for ethical and holistic approaches to pet care. They are currently working towards producing all natural pet products under the name Health4Paws. In the meantime, the combination of natural medicines and good organic, ethical nutrition produces healthy happy animals thanks to this fantastic team.