"The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing" – Unknown

During my life I have made many connections but none as strong as my connection to animals, the  beauty of nature, the determination to never give up and the power of belief. 

This connection is my life’s work.

Time slips by so quickly and our lives are constantly changing.

As I grow older I realize, how I live my life defines who I am, this is a direct connection to my roots. 

On the 8th of September 2012 my mother passed away and with her passing came the realization that her passion for the welfare of this planet and all it contains was greatly influenced by her mother, her grandmother and I would assume previous generations.

My mum was born in November 1929 and at a very early she age demonstrated her independence, determination and courage.

For example, at the tender age of just 5, her daily ride to and from school covered several miles.

This little girl was put on and taken off her big horse Bluey at the beginning and end of each journey to and from school.

Her childhood was spent living on the land where her love of animals was nurtured. 

Her natural affinity with horses would see her excel at polocrosse, where she would often outclass rivals with her goal scoring ability.  This connection to horses was passed on to my sisters.

My parents married in 1956 and settled on “Burley” (my home) and mum continued to work on the land in partnership with my father involving herself in all aspects of farm life, from driving tractors and trucks, drenching, mustering, chipping burrs and rearing poddys.

Mum’s passion for nature saw her grow her beautiful garden and plant trees across the hills of Burley.

 When I close my eyes I have many memories and visions of mum.

All of them will include a devoted, caring and determined lady.

She touched the hearts of those who knew her and never diverted from her passion and beliefs.

She had a passion for all creatures great and small, for the environment and for the animals and plants she nurtured and grew. Her heart knew no bounds and she often said if she had one wish she, “Would rid the world of cruelty”.

I am comforted by knowing that she often said, “If I could live my life over, I wouldn’t change a thing”.

I write this article in memory of my mother. I acknowledge, and will be forever grateful for the gift she has given me.  I will continue to educate others on the wonderful and beneficial connection that is possible between human and animal.