Living with my Soul - Holistic Bliss

Consciously living with my soul everyday helps to determine the choices I make and the outcomes for myself and others around me.  These choices either support or disturb my soul.

Fulfilling relationships, work ethics and personal achievements are all part of life and in this modern world it is sometimes difficult to avoid influences that adversely effect the nurturing of my soul.
Growing up on the land I was taught from a very early age to respect life. This gave me the foundation to understand that we are responsible for our own soul and for the animals that rely on us to protect and nurture them.

Having a passion for animals from an early age has certainly affected the way I live my life and the choices I make to protect those who are unable to control their own destiny.

In my younger years, I travelled to different parts of the world and experienced some of the horrific acts done to animals. On my return to Australia my work as an RSPCA inspector and animal advocate showed me that Australians are also guilty of questionable acts.  

Living with my soul meant I had to make choices that I could live with. I have been fortunate that most of my working life has been within the pet industry and in that time I have made it my mission to educate myself and others about the welfare of animals.

Being kind is easy and brings joy to my soul.

In 2003 The Complete Pet Company was created. We produce pet food that is built on educating others about making informed decisions while supporting ethical and free range meats. We are completely against the cruel practices of factory farming.

As someone who is conscious of living in harmony with my soul I believe this means acting consciously for the souls of all animals, especially those that are subjected to cruelties they cannot avoid without our help.

I choose to be vegetarian but I care for carnivores. If we choose to have meat eaters as pets then we must provide for them cruelty-free food.

Over the years producing this food has caused me a considerable amount of guilt and I have often asked myself, “how can someone so passionate about our planet, and the animals she shares it with, produce a food that comes from the very animals she works to save?”

I struggle with this everyday but to help ease my soul I ask, “If I stop where will the people who chose to make informed decisions, and use an ethical alternatives to feed their pets, go?”  I do this work to support the caregivers and the animals as well.

Consciously living with your soul, listening to it, feeling into the essence of who I am helps me to live life to the full, and helps me to help the animals of the world by trying to do the right thing by the souls of the animals too. It isn’t always easy but it can be highly rewarding.  

Written by Jenny Golsby for Holistic Bliss 2012