Nutrition or Profit?

Nutrition or Profit


The pet food industry is a multi-billion dollar business that most people think has been around ‘forever’.

However, if we ask our grandparents or great-grandparents what they fed the family dogs they would reply ‘table scraps” or a home style meat-based diet. If we go back even further we would also find that all canines and felines ate a raw diet and still do. We can all be confident there are certainly no cans or packets of processed foods in the wild.
If the canine and feline ancestors were not eating food out of packets and tins then why on earth is it now considered ‘normal’ by the experts to feed our pets this way?
The answer is simple – the pet food companies are making big bucks on ‘fast food’.

The sad news is whilst the companies rake in the dollars producing these processed foods, we can’t hide the fact that we are seeing more and more pets with health issues, skin problems, digestive issues through to life threatening illnesses. Surely common sense would tell us that when the immune system is compromised illness takes place, due to compromised immune systems.

Commercially processed foods contain ingredients such as corn, soy and wheat because they are cheap and make great fillers, and as such they do not add anything positive to the nutritional profile of the food. And when was the last time you heard of any canine in the wild grazing on these ingredients?

The Complete Pet Company’s “Complete Meal” was originally developed to assist dogs to maintain health and wellbeing, while staying true to the canine and its digestive system.
The ingredients in the “Complete Meal” have been carefully selected to ensure the family dogs and cats can enjoy their meal whilst receiving first-class nutrition. As well as the transport and living conditions of the animals that are used for the food. The Complete Pet Company does NOT support Factory Farming!

The number of people I have spoken to that have been told by the ‘experts’ to feed kibble/dry food instead of a raw diet astounds me. How on earth can processed be better that unprocessed? I leave you with this question - what is better for your pet’s health - Nutrition or Profit?

-Jenny Golsby