Surviving Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebration.  It’s a time to decorate homes and gardens, exchange gifts, take a break from work, go on holidays, hold parties, eat lots and generally have a great time.


Christmas is not so exciting for animals – it is a time when they are left to fend for themselves; run the streets from fear of fireworks and loud noises; given as Christmas presents; and many are sadly dumped when they become an inconvenience.


Pet shops are stocking up with animals for sale, Puppy and Kitten mills, backyard breeders and registered breeders have litters of pups and kittens ready to be sold and recently I’ve noticed litters of pups on Facebook, conveniently born just before Christmas.


Meanwhile silently in the background, rescue organisations and shelters are gearing up as they do every year for the influx of unwanted animals after the festive season winds down. This is the metaphorical calm before the storm.


We all agree baby animals are cute and we should all agree they require time, patience and a life of responsibility and dedication.  The festive season is not the time for young vulnerable animals, nor is it the time for any animal. 


If you are thinking about extending your family at Christmas time, please reconsider and wait until the silly season has gone and life has returned to normal. Do your research, purchase the accessories but leave the animal till later.  Being responsible means rescuing and waiting.