Surviving Christmas & Storms

Dogs are incredibly resourceful when it comes to the great escape, they are on a mission to get away as fast as possible from whatever it is that is making them feel threatened, frightened or vulnerable. All animals are motivated by survival, not the danger they put themselves in when they do run.  Even the most responsible owner has come home to an empty yard or house.

Complete Canine Communication has helped many owners change the way dogs see the world.  It has given dogs the opportunity to step back and allow good decision makers to choose choices that are in the best interest for them.

How many of us have taken our dog in our arms in times of fear, stroked them and repeated “it’s ok, it’s ok”.   If they were a child, reassuring in this way would make sense, right.  However, they are canines and canines are looking for good leadership, so it makes sense to step up and show good leadership by communicating “I’m ok, your ok” and we can do this by simply not acknowledging that fear. In other words – Do Nothing!

Always ensure your dog is able to escape to his safe place if he so desires, this may be a covered crate, covered table, cardboard box, laundry or bathroom. Somewhere closed in and comfortable.

If they still haven’t settled, take them by the collar and gently hold them close to you, say nothing, do nothing, just hold and remain calm.  This will help settle the dog to a more relaxed state.  Providing good leadership on a permanent basis helps dogs cope in times of stress and uncertainty.

As responsible owners, we can still enjoy friends, family, food and alcohol by making a few minor adjustments in the home to ensure our existing pets are safe and comfortable.

During the festive season, there’s no party without punch.  Unfortunately animals don’t enjoy alcohol and sometimes people can do silly things while under the influence. To save the possibility of harm to either pet or person, it’s a good idea to move animals to their safe place or at least allow them the opportunity to take themselves away if they are no longer enjoying the party. You know your pet best.  If they don’t enjoy strangers and noisy activity allow them the opportunity to politely leave.

Festive season food should never be on the menu for pets and if consumed can result in an emergency visit to the vet or even worse – Death. We wouldn’t leave knives lying around for toddlers to pick up so let’s not leave food for pets to consume.

As you are planning your Christmas activities please remember those animals less fortunate than our own. Instead of purchasing presents for family and friends, you may like to donate to a shelter or organisation, these people work tirelessly and usually on a voluntary basis to help make life better for animals, they need all the support we can give.

I know what my family are getting for Christmas....a donation to Red Collar Rescue.