Youth - Holistic Bliss

The famous quote “Never work with Children or Animals” by W.C Fields, inspired me to write this article.
Earlier in my life I worked with children and now as a qualified, Accredited Dog Listener, I work with children, adults and dogs of all ages.
Both children and pups are intriguing, amusing and extremely vulnerable.

Like the child, the pup goes through stages of growth and development but unlike the child, their stages of development progress at a much faster rate.  Sadly, our dogs don’t live as long as we do.

The Big day is here. Whether the pup is transported a short distance by car or a long distance by plane, he is placed in a totally foreign environment surrounded by complete strangers and possibly even another dog who may not appreciate his company.

We can however, help the transition from mum and siblings just by making a few adjustments.

Assuming provisions for a healthy raw diet, fresh water and a warm bed in a safe place are supplied, the pup will actively be looking for leadership. His questions regarding survival need answers, he needs to know this responsibility leans firmly on the shoulders of the human.

Reflecting back over my youthful years and the trials and tribulations my parents dealt with is not so different really to the frustrations of dealing with a youthful dog.

With boundaries firmly in place, clear and calm communication, the youthful pup or child will eventually grow into a happy well adjusted dog or adult – just look how I turned out!!  Youth can be fun, exciting and a huge adventure for all.

The ages and stages of the canine vary considerably as they develop rather quickly from the cute vulnerable fluff ball, to the discoverer and explorer, then on to those trying times before entering young adulthood through to the senior adult years and finally those beautiful Golden years. 

Before you know it you are asking yourself “where did all those years go” and the $200 pair of shoes really didn’t matter after all!

Working as a Dog Listener I am extremely fortunate to help owners and canines communicate using the language the canine instinctively understand and the owner can easily adopt without having to resort to force, control, commands or bribery.  We do this simply by providing information to the canine and allowing it to make decisions based on that information.
Owning a dog is a gift, we must protect and respect them.

We must love them, call them our children if we wish but never lose sight that they will always be a dog!. Embrace and enjoy the youth of your canine friend as time flies by so quickly.