About Jenny

I (Jenny Golsby) grew up on a large property in NSW and have always had a huge passion for ALL animals. 
Later on in my life I rescued my first Great Dane named 'Simba' . He was a handful in more ways than one. 
I hired behaviourists, attended classes and even got advice from a trainer qualified in security work to try and deal with what I was told was aggression. 
None of the advice worked and some of the advice given, I was not prepared to try.
I began reading books, attending seminars, researching different training techniques by the “experts” who I thought knew it all. 
Simba passed on many years ago but thanks to him, I had become fascinated with the canine and desperate to help owners and dogs not endure what Simba and I had.
My next dog was a beautiful Dane named Tyro that came to me through Great Dane Rescue.  Believing that I had to take him to dog training, I travelled weekly to classes and eventually took up a position teaching.  I conducted puppy 
classes, basic obedience classes and advanced levels of training.  I also tried agility and trialing. I never really felt that "training" the dog was the answer to all problems and found myself questioning what I was doing, what I 
was teaching and what I was taught. I eventually found out how right I was to question it and how wrong I was to think that training my dog in obedience and making him behave the way I wanted him to was the foundation of a good relationship.
During this long, drawn out and frustrating journey, the best advice given to me was “think like a dog” and that is exactly what I did.
In 2006 I attended a seminar held in Australia. As a result of that seminar and the drive to learn more, I furthered my studies and became a Dog Listener trained by Jan Fennell (UK).  I worked hard and gained my accreditation and 
reached recommended status within the organisation. I no longer work as a Dog Listener but am grateful that I had the opportunity to begin this incredible journey that has brought me to where I am now.
My Life Skills programme conducted at the Complete Pet Company is a non-confrontational, non-training approach and has enabled me to prove that learning the language of dogs enables us to live in harmony.
When our expectations are too high we create stress and uncetainty, resluting in frustration, confusion, shut down and possibly behaviours that could be dangerous to people or other dogs.
In my line of work, sadly I have seen many dogs euthanased or treated badly. 
It takes time for dogs to feel comfortable and feel they belong and we must understand what we do today will impact what happens with them tomorrow.
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