Throughout the year workshops, talks and classes are held at the Complete Pet Company.
Providing a peaceful home for you and your dog begins with identifying and working through issues.
Complete Canine Communications's Education -Life Skills is based on a foundation of Respect, Trust and Empathy.
My classes are not designed to teach you how to train or command.  I designed them to assist anyone who wants to learn about the dog, it's language and understand in easy terms why problems exist and how to avoid them.

The topics covered in my workshops focus on the Physical, Mental and Emotional aspects as well as assist you to be more observant and understanding when it comes to your dogs behaviour.
I will help you learn the signs, causes and effects of stress. You will learn how to relieve stress through simple, calm and kind activities.  
You will learn about the necessities of a good fitting harness and what happens under the collar (Collar vs harness) when we attach a lead to it.  You will understand why long leash walking (4mtrs +) is so important for your dog 
and you and simple gestures and signals to communicate without having to bribe, yell or force your dog.  
We will talk about nutrition, alternative modalities, the nose and so much more.

Most of all, you will have fun, meet a great group of like minded people and make life better for dogs.
Day 1 is a Power Point presentation with lots of interaction, discussion and learning (no dogs)
Day 2 is practical learning with plenty of "light bulb" moments for you when you get to observe your dog using its nose and experience the sheer joy of a loose leash. Yes, even on busy pathways!  
Please visit our EVENTS page for dates and times of workshops throughout 2017. 


I cannot thank Jenny enough! whether I'm popping into the shop or attending the course, she's always there to help and share her wealth of knowledge.  
The workshop has given me some great tools to implement at home.

it was good that Jenny gave pointers as we were walking and there were other helpers that made you feel more confident in what you were doing - Shirley

Enjoyed the workshop and have enjoyed seeing the changes in my dogs.  Great to understand the dogs perspective - Ruth

Thank you so much, this has been truely inspiring for me and I hope to send this information out into the world. Kezi 

Thank you, you were so inspiring & motivating & are doing a wonderful thing for people but most importantly for DOGS!!   Brilliant :) - Kelley

Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed it & found it most helpful and boosted my confidence with my poor baby boy who's improved a little since then.  - Annette

Keep up the great work Jenny! - Robyn

Just thank you Jenny, it truly has been amazing -Naomi & Michael