Testimonials - Dog Listening

2 Day Discover The Dog Within Workshop - Darwin - March 2018 

Jenny's seminar was brilliant! Her compassion and insight for dogs glows from her heart and her words. This was a great refresher for myself and fantastic upskill for my staff.  If you have anything to do with dogs, you should attend this seminar. It's well worth the money.     

- Vicki Tilbrook, Cujo's Pet Minding


What an amazing and informative day. Thank you so much to AP crew and Jenny! Our dogs will soon be thanking you too no doubt.

- Sarrita King, Darwin


Thanks Hannah for organising such an amazing day - I learnt so much! Here's hoping Jenny comes back soon

- Cindy McGrath


Thanks to everyone that made this wkend possible! Already putting what we learned over the wkend into action tonight, and we have a much calmer household. I cannot wait to put everything in action and form a closer relationship with our fur-mates! Thanks for sharing your wisdom Jenny. I cannot wait for round 2! x

- Sera Dakuna


"An inspirational workshop, presented by engaging and knowledgeable Jenny, for those that want a better understanding of their dog(s) and increase their enrichment and wellbeing. I hope to see Jenny in Darwin soon to learn more."

- Lisa Taylor


 2 Day Dog Listening Workshop - August 2013 

This workshop has been fantastic. To now be able to understand my dogs is such a blessing. To be able to listen to my dogs a now know them more is incredible. Thank you so much Jenny. To be an animal lover is to communicate in their language.



I really appreciated Jenny’s willingness to discuss the individual needs and problems of group members.



 2 Day Effective Communication Workshop – June 2013 

Thanks for an awesome, eye opening workshop!



The workshop and ideas are a completely new way of thinking about our dogs and their thoughts and behaviour. it makes so much sense when you can view their behaviour from this point of view, and realise that our actions are not the way ot make a dog feel safe and secure in our world.



Fascinating. I really learnt a lot and it has opened my mind to a new way of thinking about caring for my dogs.



A couple of weeks ago we had given up hope of being able to keep our dog. We considered that we did not have the experience or aptitude to help Angus with his aggression and anxiety issues. Thank you Jenny for taken the time to teach us that there is a way to help him (and us)! We’re already seeing the benefits and we’ve only just started. Thanks again.

Stacey and Bob


2 Day Effective Communication Workshop – April 2013 

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days! It has completely changed the way I look at my dogs, think about what they are really telling me, and most importantly behave around and with my dogs. I am looking forward to becoming a fantastic decision maker for my family pack!



A very informative and practical workshop, and a must for anyone before they get their first dog to avoid “problems” when they get older. Great workshop!

Lou and Chris


I operate a dog refuge that re-homes abused and neglected dogs, and my aim is to find them homes and new owners that suit them. Learning about Dog Listening will help me to establish myself as Decision Maker within my ever-changing pack and communicate with them in the language they understand. Knowing this helps me be seen as a leader and the dogs are free to relax.

Sharyn, Red Collar Rescue


I have tried a lot of other methods and this is the first time i feel confident that what i have learnt from Jenny I will be able to put into practice for the benefit of Bobby, and will be able to move him successfully from acreage to residential living, and eventually introduce him to visitors.



I would recommend the Dog Listening Workshop to everyone who owns a dog. It is a life changing and life saving workshop that will help you have the best relationship with your dog ever. It’s a lifestyle that will make your dog’s life and your life blissful.



Having the dogs Jet and Tamika at the workshop was very revealing and informative. Money well spent!





I love Rosie more! Our home is so much calmer. We have initially as a family disagreed on how to do things and when this happens we call Jenny. It has been a pleasure understanding you and your explanations of Dog Listening.

Geebung, Queensland


Awesome, Charlie is going great, he’s responded really well (as you knew he would), and I have managed to engage the whole family in the training….the family’s of course cause Charlie already knows it all!
He’s a pleasure to be around, still very excitable with visitors but he’s young too.

A few months ago that shoe there in the picture would have been shredded in front of me. He’s not interested now. So thank you for helping me understand his language….
I want to become a dog listener! Always have worked with them and wanted to do more, but this has really pushed me more towards understanding them. I want more! Please help.

Sue & Steve


Having been both delighted and amazed at the change in my dog’s behaviour after speaking with Jenny I had no hesitation in enlisting her services with respect to another dog knowing how relevant her advice is and that there is on-going support.

Toowong, Queensland


Jenny has changed our lives! I have been a cat person all my life until we were blessed with Stanley in November 2009. I instinctively knew there was something else out there besides obedience training and while researching found Dog Listening. Jenny “talks the talk and walks the walk”. She leaves no room for interpretation and has educated me in a way dog training could never do. Dog Listening is empowering. I have an enormous level of respect for my dog in part because I understand his world and his language. I still make mistakes on occasion and phone Jenny whenever I do. Fortunately for me Jenny never sleeps (or so it seems) so she is always available to enlighten me. The world needs more Jenny Golsbys!!!

Clayfield, Queensland


From our first contact with Jenny we were touched by her genuine love of animals and belief that dogs should lead a peaceful, happy and stress free life. Jenny responded to our request for a consultation immediately and was promptly at our home rearranging her schedule within a matter of days.

Our case was unique and special with our two puppies being rescued and raised by us, humans, from day two with no opportunity to learn ‘dog’ from their mother as she died at birth. They were already over two months old before we contacted Jenny.

Jenny taught us in a sensitive, but firm, manor that our desire to humanise dogs only confuses them as they don’t understand our language or ways. It was up to us as humans to learn their language and provide positive and firm leadership and the ‘alpha’ of the pack.

From Jenny’s first visit we have diligently followed and implemented the ‘Amichen Bonding’ technique with our puppies, and even our 14 year old Fox Terrier. Our Fox Terrier was not a dog but a four legged human!

Jenny’s first visit went well beyond the normal consultancy. Jenny spent a whole Sunday with us giving her time freely until we were confident to take the first steps forward. Jenny did not rush us and made sure we understood everything she taught and explained to us.

As we commenced training ourselves and our three dogs in ‘dog’ ways we encountered many challenges personally and with our rebellious dogs. Jenny was always at the end of the telephone providing excellent and endless advice sharing her knowledge and support.

We are not quitters and are genuine dog lovers but we nearly gave up a couple of times, the puppies were a challenge! Without Jenny our two new dogs would not be here in our home and our lives as they are today.

Jenny truly practices what she preaches relaying her personal experiences gained from her own dogs, providing countless examples of what to do and the results you can expect. This is practical experience that really works and to which you can easily relate.

Whilst Jenny’s experience is substantial she is not on her own and can draw support from a world wide network of dog listeners.
This means you are always assured of the right advice. So far there has been nothing we have not been able to tackle.

The results now speak for themselves. We have two relaxed, well adjusted 15 week old dogs who look for, and expect, leadership, respond and are ‘near’ perfect models of well behaved puppies. Even our 14 year old is learning and relaxing knowing she no longer needs to lead and look after her human pack. She will now be able to live out the remainder of her life as it should, relaxed and happy.

Jenny was sensitive to our needs, unique situation, provided endless support and encouragement and was truly committed to giving us and our dogs the best life we could all possibly have. Amichien Bonding works, Jenny’s training works however we as the humans need to believe and implement no matter how difficult it can be at times.

The results are happy, relaxed, obedient and well adjusted dogs and humans. Make no mistake this is a real human and canine journey you will not regret.

Trinity, Peter, Scoop, Buddha and Blackey
Gold Coast, Australia


Have noticed our girls bark a warning once before and after a ‘thank you’, they break it off and come back. they seem to enjoy their new found freedom of access to whole yard. They seem happy with having more room in sleeping area with doors removed off cages and joined so they can be together. They still like sleeping apart by occasionally will share their bed for a short while then move back to other side.

David and Wendy
Victoria Point, Queensland


After bringing a third dog into our home, where 2 older Jack Russells already live, we started having a number of behavioural problems with all 3 dogs. We figured it was just a settling-in phase, but soon realised there was a lot more to it. We had no idea what to do so we contacted Jenny for a Dog Listening consult. Wow – it all became so clear! It was so easy to see after Jenny explained to us the way dogs live in a pack. We could see straight away why the behaviour was happening and why our current methods of thwarting the behaviour just weren’t working! It’s been 2 weeks now, we have been diligently following the Dog Listening guidelines and we are already seeing changes in behaviour, all for the better. We have had a number of incidents, but Jenny is always available by phone or email to ask advice and support. That is such a great thing that you don’t just get a consult. Jenny provides continual support and guidance all along the way so you are never left to go it alone, which is wonderful. It’s amazing how much she understands our 4 legged friends and how much we are enjoying learning their language as we journey towards a happy and rewarding pack.

Ferny Grove, Queensland


When my dogs had a fairly serious fight, I came to question what control, or little control, I had over my little pack of dogs who I loved dearly. I was referred to a few people but found that nobody could really explain to me anything about the dogs behaviour and how I could overcome the challenges I had. The dogs didn’t need to be trained, they were trained. They could sit and stay and shake and the like, but there was more going on, I could sense that.

Fortunately, I was referred, via word of mouth to Dog Listening and Jenny Golsby. I thought, while I’m going to invest in this process, I wanted to work through everything as I saw as a challenge with my dogs.

From the moment I spoke to Jenny on the phone, I felt that she was truly knowledgeable and also really enjoyed what she did, because she really enjoyed talking about it and explaining things to me.

After that first contact I had no doubt she would be able to help me and booked a consultation.

The day was pretty intense and Jenny stayed with me til almost nightfall, watching the dogs in their everyday environment and watching me with them.

She talked me through all of my challenges and the things that were happening in our pack, and at the end of the day, I was truly overwhelmed and thought, can I do this? I was assured by her guarantee of being there whenever I needed her.

Straight away I started to question things, and even the night of the visit I emailed Jenny with some questions. For the first few days I was so worried that I would never get it, but as I started to focus on one thing at a time and apply what I had learnt, I realised that what Jenny had done was really drummed into me, the core principles of Dog Listening and that I really did know everything that I needed to I just had to stop and think and apply what she had taught me. And sometimes it doesn’t come to me straight away, but it always does now. I have the information up in my kitchen which helps.

It took me less than a week to feel confident with what I know I have to do. We still have a lot to do and learn, me and my dogs, but we have the foundations and that is wonderful.

I find now that all I have to do is move towards a movement that the dogs predict and they quickly correct their behaviour.

The great things about Dog Listening is that it makes so much sense. There is also no force, aggression, shouting ot gadgets. This is great, and what’s greater is seeing results without all these things.


I have already been telling people about Dog Listening and Jenny and will continue to do so. Like every one I speak to says “that makes sense!”.

Bonogin, Queensland


This has made me realise that all the ‘love’ I was giving Charlie was not helping either of us – and everything needs to change – but now I have the tools to be able to make the necessary changes.

Cath Mathers
Paddington, Queensland


I’ve been putting your Dog Listening techniques into practice for the past week, and have noticed significant improvement in our communications. Sheba is responding well and I have greater control, being the Decision Maker. She is happier, calmer and more relaxed, as am I.

Thornlands, Queensland


Both dogs are more relaxed, which several family members have noticed. How do we tell our neighbours that they cannot touch our dogs until they are relaxed and settle?

Eliza and Liam
Everton Hills, Queensland


After having a number of escalating issues with my beloved 3 yr old, Great Dane, Willow, I was referred to Jenny at Complete Canine Communication. Jenny came to my home and spent the day with myself and Willow and helped me to understand my dogs behaviour and also my own habits as well. Through this we have overcome separation anxiety, fear aggression towards other dogs, insecurity, and most importantly learned that leadership is the key to a successful partnership with any dog.
Willow, who was once quite insecure, and incredibly attached to me, now lives a very happy and calm life. She is never locked up anywhere and is happy to stay at home whenever I leave with no stress or anxiety. She has happy play dates with other dogs and has grown more confident with strangers coming to the house. She continuously improves.
Before Jenny came along I was having serious doubts about what to do and how to proceed with my beautiful big girl, I am so happy I found Jenny and learnt about Dog Listening it has seriously changed my life and Willow’s as well.



 One to One Consultations

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Jenny for our consultation that we had with her to communicate with our dog more effectively – both to better manage her and also, understand where our dog Britney is coming from and what she is trying to tell us humans.
Jenny came to our house and from the minute she arrived – she advised us what she was doing when my dog was trying to “communicate” with Jenny in an inappropriate greeting situation so we knew from the minute Jenny arrived what was going on.
We then sat as a family at the table and Jenny went through the methods of pure dog listening and provided many excellent paper reference materials and charts that she explained in detail, and then left for us for re visiting (and believe me – we did re read and re visit those notes!)

Jenny stayed for as long as it took for us to understand – there was no rushing or by the hour fee and Jenny spent most of the day with us and we loved it
Since the consultation – our dog has been so much more relaxed – less barking, less lead pulling, less digging, less jumping up less undesirable behaviors overall, and the biggest lesson that I took from the day was – all of those undesirable behaviors that my dog was displaying was due to my lack of leadership skills – and definitely not my dogs fault… It was me that did not understand her…

Pure dog listening is what it is…. Dog Listening – listening to what your dog is trying to tell YOU…

Now I “get it”, and applying the principles of dog listening that Jenny taught to me, my dog has put so much more trust in me over the past few months (and yes – I had work to earn that trust) and it has been such a reward to earn that trust and the bond we have now is so wonderful and loving and she looks to me and respects me now as the decision maker.
The best part about dog listening – its not hard!!!

It is so easy – and the best bit – no bribing your dog with treats – your dog does what you want it to do becasue it wants to – not becasue you’re bribing him/her….

The method is not time consuming and fits right in with a busy lifestyle because you dont need to set aside time to train your dog – you train your dog everyday with the things that you do and the actions that you take as your day is rolling on!
Brilliant – I am so so glad I came to you Jenny – you have really helped with me listening to my dog and our home is a much more relaxed atmosphere for all of us…

Love Kim & Britney


Having had dogs all my life I thought I was pretty good with them, but I found out just how little I know and understand the canine world. Thanks to Jenny I am now more knowledgeable and confident in dealing with our dogs (and others’ dogs as well).

Although we had read the book (Why Does My Dog Do That?) prior to our consultation with Jenny, it all was put into place and far more effectively after Jenny’s visit. Please do yourself and your dogs a favour and allow Jenny to show you how to speak canine – your dogs will thank you for it, and your lives together will be very much enhanced

Michelle & Steve