Complete Canine Communication - Simply Puppies

For Puppies aged between 12 - 16 weeks.

My goal is to ensure no puppy is placed under any stress.

Therefore I will be limiting these classes to 4 puppies only.

Having a puppy in your home can be exciting and very frustrating. Understanding your puppy begins with learning about the canine. It’s important to understand how the canine thinks, interacts, develops mentally and physically and the stages in which they grow.

Our Puppy Class runs over 4 weeks and is very different from most. No puppies are present for the first 2 weeks. We don’t focus on training, in fact we don’t train puppies at all. We are more interested in assisting owners to provide good leadership by earning Trust and Respect as well as learning good observation skills.

Our classes will involve topics such as nutrition, health, grooming, games and activities, correct accessories, bite inhibition, Puppy proofing and so much more. By participating in our classes you will be equipped to have a Happy Puppy and a Harmonious Home.

Come along and have some fun while learning Canine Language and Behaviour.

I would encourage owners to attend at least the first class BEFORE you have your puppy.

If by chance you already have a puppy in your care we would love you to join us also.


Our workshop is run over 4 weeks:
First Two Thursday Evenings, (Theory) - 6.30pm - 8.00pm
Second Two Thursday Evenings (Puppies Welcome) - 6.30pm - 7.30pm



Thursday 1st February, (Theory)
Thursday 8th February, (Theory)
Thursday 15th February, (Puppies Welcome)
Thursday 22nd February, (Puppies Welcome)

Thursday 8th March, (Theory)
Thursday 15th March, (Theory)
Thursday 22nd March, (Puppies Welcome)
Thursday 29th March, (Puppies Welcome)

Thursday 5th April, (Theory)
Thursday 12th April, (Theory)
Thursday 19th April, (Puppies Welcome)
Thursday 26th April, (Puppies Welcome)


Thursday 28th June, (Theory)

Thursday 5th July, (Theory)
Thursday 12th July, (Puppies Welcome)
Thursday 19th July, (Puppies Welcome)

Thursday 2nd August, (Theory)
Thursday 9th August, (Theory)
Thursday 16th August, (Puppies Welcome)
Thursday 23rd August, (Puppies Welcome)

Thursday 4th October, (Theory)
Thursday 11th October, (Theory)
Thursday 18th October, (Puppies Welcome)
Thursday 25th October, (Puppies Welcome)

Thursday 1st November, (Theory)
Thursday 8th November, (Theory)
Thursday 15th November, (Puppies Welcome)
Thursday 22nd November, (Puppies Welcome)

Thursday 29th November, (Theory)
Thursday 6th December, (Theory)
Thursday 13th December, (Puppies Welcome)
Thursday 20th December, (Puppies Welcome)


Tea, coffee and cold drinks provided

Cost: $200.00    (Please note there is a $50.00 non-refundable deposit for this workshop).

If you would like to attend our workshop, please click HERE to complete the Registration Form or if you would like any further information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..