Bringing a rescue dog into your home or living with a dog that may not necessarily be behaving the way you think it should can sometimes be traumatic for everyone. Our intention is to make them feel welcome and safe but sometimes our behaviour can have the opposite effect leaving them feeling confused, stressed and fearful. Behavioural problems don’t just happen. Jenny has worked with many dogs over the years that have been raised as puppies in loving homes and still sadly over time have begun to exhibit frustrating and annoying behaviours that can drive us all to distraction. Canines are simple creatures and enjoy a simple life.  Our lives, on the other hand, can become complicated leaving dogs vulnerable and in a position to make poor choices.

The Discover the Dog Within workshop is not designed to teach you how to “train” or “command” your dog. It was designed to assist anyone who wants to learn about the dog, its language and understand in easy terms why problems exist and how to avoid them. The topics covered will focus on the Physical, Mental and Emotional aspects as well as assist you to be more observant and understanding when it comes to your dogs’ behaviour.

Jenny will help you learn the signs, causes and effects of stress and how to cope. You will understand why we recommend a well fitting harness and what happens under the collar (Collars vs Harness) and why long leash walking is so important for you and the dog. You will learn the simple gestures and signals to communicate without having to bribe, yell or force your dog as well as nutrition, information on alternative medicine (worming, heartworm, Flea, and Tick) as well as enrichement, what that actually means and so much more.

Day 1: is a PowerPoint presentation with lots of interaction, discussion, and learning, (no dogs)

Day 2: is practical learning with that “light bulb” moment for you, when we get to observe your dog using its nose. You will learn to fit a harness correctly, use a long lead and find out what it really means to have a happy positive relationship with your dog.

Most of all - we will have fun and help make life better for dogs!



- The Dog: His Instinct - His Language - His Behaviour

- Different Ages - Different Stages - Different Behaviours

- Long Loose Leads - Relaxed Walking - Close Walking - Social Walking

- Good Stress - Bad Stress - Balanced Stress

- The Art of Observation and Why it Matters

- Enrichment: Awareness - Curiosity - Physically - Mentally - Socially

- Problem Solving: Barking - Loneliness - Pain - Reactivity - Lead Pulling - Fear - Anxiety

- Nutritiion and its Connection to Behaviour

- Too Much Exercise - Too Little Exercise - Balanced Exercise

- Touch: Physically - Mentally - Socially

- And so much more……………………….


February: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th 

March: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th 

May: Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th

July: Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st

October: Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th

November: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th



Tea, Coffee and Cold Drinks provided

Morning and Afternoon Tea provided
BYO Lunch 


Saturday, Day 1: 9.30am - 5.00pm - Theory - Without Dog

Sunday, Day 2: 9.30am - 12.30pm - Practical - Dogs Welcome, conditions apply  (Optional**)
Cost: $295.00  (No refund on cancellation available).

** Sunday, Day 2 is optional.  If you would like to attend Day 2 with your Dog, this must be booked at the time you register for Day 1.  There is a limit to the number of places available for each practical session so places are reserved on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to attend our workshop, please click HERE to complete the Registration Form or if you would like any further information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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