Health & Harmony Dog Symposium Guest Speakers

Anne Lill Kvam - Troll Hunderschole

Anne Lill’s dream: “That every dog is given the opportunity to fulfil their natural gift and enjoy satisfying fun nose-work every day and never be walked on a collar”.

We are excited to introduce Anne Lill Kvam, our International guest speaker from Norway who will be covering the following topics:
- Nose-work
- Mental health
- Stimulation and stress
- The impact quality of life has on learning and performance
- Canine communication and general behaviour

With an ardent desire to work with dogs Anne Lill trained her own dog Dirham in 1986 for search and rescue. This led her to spend time in Angola from 1997 – 2000 teaching handlers and their dogs’ detection and removal of land mines.

Then in 1995 Anne Lill became inspired after attending Turid Rugaas’s dog training education in Norway and now works closely with Turid teaching through the International Dog Trainers Education (IDTE) held in numerous countries throughout the world. Their teaching methods are slightly different but they share the same goals and ethics. So much so, they founded the publishing house Huldra Forlag, an ideological publisher spreading knowledge, understanding and respect for all animals.

Anne Lill is a jovial woman who enjoys her work and has a vast array of knowledge and experience when it comes to breed, training techniques, the dog’s nose, detection work and tracking.

She is a highly regarded International speaker and author of the popular book ‘The Canine Kingdom of Scent’ and co produced the DVD series
o Nosework - Search Games
o Nosework - Scent Discrimination
o Nosework - Tracking

Anne Lill manages her own training school ‘Troll Hunderschole’ in Norway and is well respected for her training techniques that evoke the dogs’ natural intelligence and behaviour while teaching owners to read and understand canine language.

We invite you to spend this two-day journey with Anne Lill who will teach and inspire you to know better and do better when it comes to your dog’s Health and Harmony.

Jenny Golsby - The Complete Pet Company & Complete Canine Communication 
Jenny and her partner Graham are the owners of The Complete Pet Company, a successful business based in Enoggera, Queensland. Together they strive to make a difference to the way we think, feel, act, treat and communicate with all animals. Jenny is also the owner of Complete Canine Communication – teaching effective communication to dog owners.

Jenny will share with you:
Part 1: An Introduction to The Complete Pet Company:
- Why we exist
- Why we stand out from the rest

Part 2: Choice and Curiosity for Dogs – How To:
- Let go
- Encourage
- Allow
- Enjoy

For many years Jenny researched the connection between health and the carnivore and eventually developed the “Complete Meal” for Cats and Dogs.

The Complete Pet Company began trading in 2003 with a vision to create and manufacture the best raw dog food on the market. The “Complete Meal” is not just any old dog food, it was created with a firm ethical stand against factory farming and uses high grade quality ingredients only. In the past fifteen years The Complete Pet Company has successfully proven the “Complete Meal” provides Health and Harmony and still today, they continue to live by their exacting standards as well as providing alternative products, high quality accessories, workshops, talks and seminars from the beautiful purple building based in Enoggera.

As the owner and operator of Complete Canine Communication, Jenny’s work with dogs is based on a non-training approach. She cares deeply about the welfare of all animals and understands the connection we have with them. She is committed to providing you with the tools needed to build a solid bond with your dog that will never be broken through Commitment, Connection and Compassion.

Jenny runs two-day workshops from The Complete Pet Company focusing on “Effective Communication”.
She holds certificates in Canine Communication and Advanced Canine Communication, attends seminars in Australia and abroad and is presently studying for the Intermediate Certificate in Canine Behaviour before venturing on to complete her Diploma in Canine Behavior.

Lyndall Pinchen - Canine Vitality Naturopathic Service for Dogs
Lyndall has a proven track record for helping dogs live a longer, healthier life naturally.

Lyndall will give insight into:
Part 1: Nutrition - The foundation of health:
- Commercial foods and chronic disease
- Sound nutrition and prevention of chronic disease
- The digestive system and raw feeding for longevity

Part 2: Everyday use of herbs:
- What is a herb
- How do we use them to maintain health
- Using herbs as an adjunct to a healthy diet
- The power of herbs helping chronic disease

Lyndall grew up with a strong passion for all animals, particularly dogs! She qualified as a Naturopath in the early nineties, and worked with humans for over twenty years. Fourteen years ago, Lyndall made the decision to follow her dream and study Animal Naturopathy. Canine Vitality Naturopathic Service for Dogs opened seven years ago, with the aim to increase awareness and educate owners about the many health benefits of naturopathic treatments and raw feeding methods.

Lyndall and Jenny Golsby from The Complete Pet Company teamed up five years ago and together they make a great team educating dog and cat owners on natural, ethical and holistic methods of regaining and maintaining health.

Lyndall’s schedule has grown due to high popularity. Along with treating many dogs naturopathically, she has been a regular writer for the Nature and Health Magazine as well as guest blogging and podcasts. She also created the ‘Happy Healthy Dogs’ webinar program, runs workshops and consults from her relaxing consultation room at The Complete Pet Company.

Lyndall’s talks are always informative and thought provoking. You will leave with a much better understanding and less fear of the incredible power of herbs.

Bono Beeler - Speaking Dog K9 Services
Are all harnesses the same and does a good fitting harness matter?

Bono will discuss the importance of well-fitting equipment and the impact it has on movement, social interaction and comfort while taking you on a journey of sniffing walks and scent games rather than pounding the pavements to nowhere. His work is based on research and seminars and his motto is “seeing it through the dog’s nose”.

He holds a Diploma with the British College of Canine Studies and began his business “Speaking Dog” in 2013. He specialises in Dog Walking and Behaviour.

Bono was born in Switzerland and now resides in Christchurch and shares his life with 3 Greyhounds - Cash, Loren and Del.

Dr Renee O’Duhring – The Natural Vets

The Path to Wellness

As a Holistic Veterinarian, Dr Renee sees many pets suffering from a vast array of acute illnesses and chronic disease. One of the most challenging parts of her job is knowing that many of the problems can be prevented simply by setting your pet on their Path to Wellness.

Unfortunately, we are still led to believe that physical disease or emotional challenges are due to genetics or past trauma when in fact the health trajectory of every pet can be changed by implementing correct diet and lifestyle practices. It’s never too late!

Dr Renee will outline 12 steps you can implement to assist your pet on its Path to Wellness, with a focus on the following:
- How to avoid or minimise toxic drugs, chemicals, radiation and unnecessary vaccines
- How to support and promote detoxification through fasting and other practices

- Why sleep and rest are just as important as exercise for balance physically and emotionally

Within a year of graduating with Honours from the University of Queensland’s vet school in 2003, Dr Renee discovered the limitations of her conventional veterinary training. This led her to enrol in the Bachelor of Veterinary Homeopathy. After 2 years she diverged to gain IVAS accreditation in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine and went on to complete a Graduate Diploma. She has completed an introductory course in Animal Acupuncture and has extensively researched companion pet nutrition.

In 2011 Dr Renee was appointed the Holistic Veterinary Expert for Dog’s Life magazine and writes regular articles for Woof Mag. In 2015, she took on the role of Editor for Integrative Veterinarians Australia. Dr Renee is currently Director and Co-owner of The Natural Vets, a dedicated holistic veterinary practice on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, seeing clients from across the Sunshine Coast and further afield.

Dr Henry Stephenson – The Natural Vets
Dr Henry Stephenson is a devoted Holistic Vet, highly regarded in Australia and around the world for his dedication to healing using homeopathy and alternative methods.

Homeopathy is misunderstood by many. Dr Henry will expain in detail:
- What is homeopathy?
- Is homeopathy safe?
- How does homeopathy work?
- How do we use homeopathy?
- The many benefits of homeopathy

Dr Henry cites the following example: “Conventional treatment of skin disease usually involves the use of antibiotics to kill germs, or anti-inflammatory treatments to stop inflammation, reaction or itching. Neither of these treatment modalities will lead to long term health of the skin or strengthen the body. Unfortunately, using these treatments could result in continual use as the body becomes to rely on them. Put simply, when treatment is lessened the condition returns. Homeopathic treatment will slowly strengthen the body allowing it to kill its own germs and deal with the inflammation by correcting the immune response”

Dr Henry graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland’s vet school in 1979. He pursued further studies in various alternative modalities and then over the next 5 years began using some alternative medicines while working in general practice. This was after seeing some long-term allergy cases being helped by owners who were using some homeopathic medicines and herbs.

He then graduated from the second IVAS module in Australia in 1995 and from the first HPTG module run in Australia in 2003.

Currently Dr Henry Stephenson, is Director and Co-owner of The Natural Vets, a small animal practice on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where animals are treated using predominantly alternative medicine. He is guest lecturer at the University of Queensland, and is a contributor to numerous medical journals including the International Homeopathic Journal.

Dr Caroline Kim - Sydney Holistic Vet ServiceCaroline Kim
Essential oils and their effect on Chinese meridians during applied Zoopharmocognosy sessions.

After graduating from the University of Sydney with her Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hon) in 2004, Dr Caroline made a decision to dive straight into the deep end by travelling over to the UK to work as a mixed practice vet. 

Disillusioned and disenchanted by the lack of health and healing within conventional veterinary practices, Dr Caroline decided to embark on her professional development as a holistic veterinarian by further training as a Veterinary Homeopath (LFVetHOM), and Veterinary Acupuncturist (CertIVAS). It was during her 10-year career in the UK that she had an invaluable opportunity to practice these modalities at well-established complimentary veterinary practices with world renowned holistic veterinarians.

Just prior to moving back to Australia with her Scottish husband and two little ones, Dr Caroline had the privilege of training organic farmers at Prince Charles’ Duchy Farm in Tetford as part of the Homeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL) teaching team. After coming across Caroline Ingraham’s work on her system of Applied Zoopharmocognosy in 2015, Dr Caroline has been fascinated by the broad applications of essential oils and herbs when self-selected by animals to heal themselves. 

The depth and speed of healing through these simple essential oils via inhalation methods has never ceased to amaze Dr Caroline in her daily practice, and she has been gathering information on recently discovered effects of individual essential oils on the Chinese Meridians via pulse diagnosis. 

Dr Caroline and Caroline Ingraham are now collaborating to produce a book that delves further into this topic.

Dr Caroline now practices solely as a home-visiting Holistic Mobile Veterinarian in and around Sydney.