Health & Harmony Dog Symposium Guest Speakers 2019


Julia Robertson – Galen Therapy Centre


We are excited to introduce Julia Robertson, our 2019 International guest speaker from the Galen Therapy Centre in the U.K.

In 2002 Julia established the Galen Therapy Centre in West Sussex, where she began treating dogs with degenerative musculoskeletal changes that have been caused through a variety of underlying conditions such as osteoarthritis and other forms of lameness that were referred from local veterinary practices. Currently she still runs a busy consultancy where she treats dogs as well as running extensive accredited training programmes and workshops.

Julia is considered an expert, pioneer and leader in her field of Canine Myotherapy both in the UK and worldwide. This is reflected in the number of national and international invitations to speak and teach including the number of international and para-professional students that enrol in the course.

In 2006, Julia developed ‘The Galen Training Academy of Canine Studies’.

The courses include:
 Introduction to Canine Anatomy and Physiology
 Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma

Julia is an accomplished author and publisher.

Her work includes:
 The Complete Dog Massage Manual
 Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog co-authored with Andrew Mead
 Puppy Exercise - The Gentle and Natural Approach co-authored with Liz Pope

 Improve your Dogs Health through Canine Massage
 Tongue to Tail - the Integrated Movement of the Dog co-produced with Liz Pope. This DVD won the Maxwell Award by the Dog Writers Association of America.

 Dip. Canine Myotherapy (OCN)
 Dip. Canine Exercise Physiology
 Dip. Sports and Remedial Massage (ITEC)
 Canine Massage ITT (NCTMB) USA
 Certificate in Education (Cert Ed)
 Reiki (Second degree)

On top of these outstanding achievements, Julia has been commissioned to write an additional book. Her new book is following on from the highly acclaimed ‘Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog’ and is entitled ‘Functional Anatomy of the Canine’ and there will be another on ‘Managing Canine Osteoarthritis’ (in collaboration with Hannah Capon M.R.C.V.S).

Julia is passionate about how dogs are exercised and their living environment. By sharing knowledge and encouraging a healthier approach Julia hopes to reduce both environmental and physical RSI (repetitive strain injury). Her moto is “prevention rather than cure!”

Jenny Golsby – The Complete Pet Company & Complete Canine Communication

Jenny 3

Jenny and her partner Graham are the owners of The Complete Pet Company, a successful business based in Enoggera, Queensland. Together they strive to make a difference to the way we think, feel, act, treat and communicate with all animals. Jenny is also the owner of Complete Canine Communication – teaching effective communication to dog owners.

Jenny will share information about:
 The Complete Pet Company
(Why we exist and stand out from the rest)
 The benefits of observation
 Complete Canine Communication
(Non-training approach; choices, curiosity, compassion)
 Enrichment

For many years Jenny researched the connection between health and the carnivore and eventually developed the “Complete Meal” for Dogs and Cats.

The Complete Pet Company began trading in 2003 with a vision to create and manufacture the best raw dog food on the market. The “Complete Meal” is not just any old food - it was created with a firm ethical stand against factory farming and uses high grade quality ingredients, and in December 2017 they introduced “Complete Meal – Freeze Dried” to their beautiful range. Over the past fifteen years The Complete Pet Company has successfully proven the “Complete Meal” provides Health and Harmony and still today, they continue to live by their exacting standards as well as providing alternative products, high quality accessories, workshops, talks and seminars all from the beautiful purple building based in Enoggera.

As the owner and operator of Complete Canine Communication, Jenny’s work with dogs is based on a non-training approach. She cares deeply about the welfare of all animals and understands the connection we have with them. She is committed to providing you with the tools needed to build a solid bond with your dog that will never be broken through Commitment, Connection and Compassion.

Jenny runs workshops at The Complete Pet Company, focusing on many aspects including effective communication. Her workshops include “Discover The Dog Within” and “Simply Puppies” and Jenny will be releasing “Unleash the Adolescent” in 2019.

She holds certificates in Canine Communication and Advanced Canine Communication, attends seminars in Australia and abroad and is presently studying for the Intermediate Certificate in Canine Behaviour before venturing on to complete her Diploma in Canine Behaviour.

The 2019 Symposium falls between her regular trips to Spain where she is furthering her studies through the International Dog Trainers Education (IDTE) under Turid Rugaas. She will be fresh off the plane and raring to go, bringing you up to date information from one of the world’s leading dog trainers. Jenny is also an associate member of the PDTE (Europe), a member of APDT(Australia) and the ISCP.

Rowan Kilmartin BVSc MCSc (Animal Chiropractic) CVS (IVAS)

RowanRowan Kilmartin is a widely known veterinarian who practices Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM). He is passionate about helping animals and has over 40 years of clinical experience.

ABM has provided a framework to this type of work. By being able to think outside the box as well as using conventional approaches and a sound perception of the emotional and physical aspects of disorders and diseases in the dog has led to numerous positive outcomes.

Rowan will be covering the following topics:
 Inside the dog
 The structural problems limiting health, performance and happiness

Rowan has lectured overseas including Europe and the USA as well as presenting at Australian Veterinary Conferences. He has been a lecturer at the Animal Chiropractic Course at RMIT University and at Box Hill Institute where the ABM course is held.

Rowan’s educational background is a veterinary degree from Queensland University. He studied Animal Chiropractic and has completed a Master of Chiropractic Science (Animal Chiropractic) degree as well as a Graduate Diploma in Animal Chiropractic from RMIT University. He has completed a Certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture (IVAS). He has studied Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Therapy Technique as well as Lymphatic Drainage. He also uses Low Level Laser Therapy, Homotoxicology and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Bono Beeler – Speaking Dog K9 Services

Bono 2

In 2011, Swiss born and raised, Bono Beeler decided to change his occupation and pursue a career involving his passion for dogs.

Bono will discuss:
 Emotion & Dogs - What do we know and what are we still unsure on?
 Bono will share his views on how our emotions and energy compare to & have an impact on dogs. He will share what we can do differently to help make it easier for dogs to understand us, better cope in their environment and keep stress to a minimum.

Whilst in school, Bono tried canine obedience & agility but was disheartened by the forceful training approach. He then went on to study at the British College for Canine Studies for a Diploma in Canine Behaviour. In April 2013 Bono travelled to Leichester, England to finish his Diploma and then opened his business "Speaking Dog" in Christchurch New Zealand.

Having read many books and researched for the studies, the work of Turid Rugaas stood out and was an inspirational eye opener for him. Bono attended both Turid Rugaas Seminars in Perth 2014 and Brisbane in 2015 followed by attending “Both Ends of the Lead” with Els Vidts in 2016 and in March 2017, the Dog Symposium in Oslo. Most recently Bono attended and presented at the Health & Harmony Dog Symposium in Brisbane 2018 and also became an associate member with the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE).

“Speaking Dog” specializes in dog walking and behaviour consultations and as Bono would say “mainly just having a jolly good time with dogs of all sizes”. Bono still lives in Christchurch with his current canine mates; Cash, Loren & Del.