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This is a picture of Gabba our 3.5 year old lab. Gabba is an extremely happy consumer of the Complete Meal and raw bone diet. As you can see he is a very shiny happy boy, and since he has been on the Complete Meal and raw bone diet his skin and coat have never been better. No more dry flaky skin or dull coat for our boy!
Wendy & Darren

Testimonial Gabba Gabba

 Dash was a stray dog from the RSPCA and she was all skin and bones when we brought her home. Since being on Complete Pet she has gained weight and looks healthy with a lovely shiny coat. The meat patties are so easy to prepare and perfect for feeding our dog. Highly recommended.

Testimonial Dash Dash


This is a pic of our fur baby ‘Jack’. He’s been on the chicken Complete Meal for 8 months now and he loves it, as do we! Jack is full of absolute vigour and vitality. His breath is fresh, flatulence no longer exists (he’s very much an inside dog), his poos are small and well formed (which is indicative of a well functioning digestive system) and hardly even smell (which is indicative of a well functioning digestive system). It simply demonstrates that when we feed our pets with what their bodies NEED at a fundamental level, they will thrive and the ‘symptoms’ of poor, commercial food choices, that we’ve all become to think is normal (but is SO not!) literally disappear. The exact same concept applies to us humans.


Jack loves his organic chicken frame in the morning for his breakfast and the complete meal for his dinner. His coat is even more shiny than before and I feel so good knowing that I’m giving him the absolute best nutrition and that it’s coming from non-farmed, cruelty free, free range meat – which is extremely important to me. I have completely taken him off all commercial chemical flea/tick/worm control and utilize the homeopathic and natural alternatives that Jenny and Eileen recommend. So now he is exposed to ZERO chemicals, inside and out and for that reason I know he’ll have the best chance of a very looooong and healthy life.


Thank you so much for quality products and services, Brisbane is so lucky to have you!

Testimonial Jack Jack

We have 3 fur babies, 11yo Ayesha , (Chihuahua – Long Coat) 9.5 yo Sorcha (Pomeranian x Chihuahua) & 6yo Madison (Persian Cat).

All of the girls are on the Complete Pet patties, the relatively new cat patties are a really big hit with Madison,, And so easy to serve..
Ayesha has been on a raw food diet since she was about 1.5 yrs old (when I saw the light).. Previously she’d had ongoing tummy upsets – all of which the vets I had seen at the time had no idea what was wrong..
They were even suggesting a bowel biopsy ( a very drastic measure). I have been feeding Ayesha Complete Pet for at least the past 7 or 8 yrs, pretty much since the birth of Jenny & Elaine’s little factory under their house !! 
Since I started both Ayesha & Sorcha on the Complete Pet Patties & the organic chicken necks their health has been great.. No more itches, smelly breath or stools - Even now, no one can pick their age, they usually say 6 or 7 yrs old...

If you haven’t been to the new Complete Pet shop @ Keppera , do yourself & your fur kids a big favour & visit.. so much great food & stuff for the furry ones in your life.
Thank you Jenny, for helping us to keep our beautiful girls healthy & their lives enriched.
Wyn, Chris, Ayesha, Sorcha & Madison


My name is Kim and I am the owner of a Japanese Spitz - Miss Britney.

Britney arrived into our home at 12 weeks of age and we went off to puppy school where I learnt alot about nutrition for dogs in the form or R.A.W (or B.A.R.F) feeding for dogs - i.e - dogs in the wild do not have can openers to open tins of food, nor is there any such thing as a dog biscuit tree or shrub.

I was extremely impressed at being taught about this way of feeding dogs and researched it and decided it was the way to go, as I had read reviews and all sorts of literature on RAW diet meaning less trips to the vets, brighter eyes, shiny coats and eliminating extreme skin conditions.

I had tried many many different brands on the market, and each and every one made my little miss vomit.  She refused to go near her bowl most nights, and as I was completely oblivious, I kept trying different RAW foods on the market and her vomiting on some of the foods was so severe, I would be up all night with her on occasion and I had no idea what to do...

Little did I know, these so called "RAW foods" contain amounts of sulphur dioxide to preserve the food - and even in the smallest amount - clinical studies over the past two decades have proven that sulphur dioxide can destroy Vitamin B (thiamine) levels in food, which is essential to animal health. It causes extreme reactions in dogs and cats who have an intolerance to this chemical.  My dog was one of those dogs, hence why she was vomiting all the time after foods. Scientists have also warned that thiamine deficiency can cause neurological breakdown in cats and dogs.


Luckily for me, a guardian angel was sent my way one afternoon when B and I were out for a walk. This lady told me all about how her rescue dog had serious food allergies that had been diagnosed by a holistic vet she had taken her dog to when she came to live with her.  She too had tried every RAW food on the market after her dog had a horrific skin condition after being fed tinned food and so called "high end biscuits" - She told me of The Complete Meal diet and how it had bought her dog back from a red raw skinned unhappy dog - into the gorgeous dog with not one bit of rash or skin irritation and was changed in personality being much happier - all because the food had relieved her of her horrible itchy skin..

I begged her to tell me where to get the Complete Meal for dogs, as I had been to traditional vets about my dog constantly vomiting and they told me to feed my dog dry food only... Having researched the horrors of what goes in to dry foods (if you don't believe me - google it for yourself) I refused to feed her the dry food and had been cooking for her myself until I met this wonderful woman.

I immediately went and purchased the Complete Meal for Dogs in chicken.  Well, you should have seen Britney when I had thawed the pattie and was about to serve it to her for dinner. I opened the container I had thawed it in in the fridge - turned to get her bowl and turned back to see this dog jumping trying to knock the container off the bench to get to the food!!!!  This dog went from giving me the saddest face you have ever seen in your life when I tried to feed her, to a dog that could not wait to get to that first pattie of Complete Meal!

8 or so months down the track - it is still the same - each and every meal - she is excited about meal time, never turns her nose up and she never was sick - not a once! She went from being miserable and constantly sick to happy, healthy and playful and full of energy - not to mention her magnificent coat.. her coat is so soft, and her eyes so bright.

I thank god each and every day for Jenny and her magnificent food.  I thank god every day that Jenny is not a woman who believes in taking short cuts with her pet food just to turn a profit.  

Without her, I am 100% certain my dog would have been very ill for a long time, if not worse, due to my dogs sensitivity to preservatives.  I feel the world is a fantastic place with this angel Jenny in it looking after our pets..

Jenny and her wonderful crew of angels have more than likely saved my dog's life - all because they want the best for pets... I want to tell as many people as I can to please please PLEASE spend that little bit extra- and seriously - the food is extremelly well priced for the amazing quality that we get -  and if you don't already - try feed your dogs and cats this magnificent Complete Meal for pets, as one lady told me her story and helped me find this magnificent food, and I feel I need to tell others too as much as I can to help you change your dogs life too...


 testimonial Britney Miss Britney

Here is my 8 months old Lab, Jeeves, who has been on Complete Meals and raw bones for the last 3-4 months. He was on other raw food diet and some bones, so he was basically very healthy and content, but preparing was too troublesome and maintaining his weight (he tended to get too skinny) was not easy-I had to feed him so much more than the instruction on the package.
After I found Complete Meal, all my troubles were solved. It's so easy. His weight has been perfect and his coat and teeth cannot be better. He loves and loves the taste as well. I have to mention that his breath doesn't smell at all nor his poop after changing his diet to Complete mMeal. We love Complete Meal and organs and bones!

 testimonial Jeeves Jeeves


I have been feeding Jake and Jamie The Complete Meal for 7 months now, and while they never had any particularly bad health issues, I have still seen improvement in their health. After about 4 months I noticed that Jamie's (on the left in the picture) teeth were extremely white and build-up free. I credit this to the feeding of raw consumable bones, and the excellent dried treats like the beef sticks and dried tendons that Jenny has available in the store. And I really don't miss the doggy breath in my face anymore. What's more, the range of proteins is great and I know they won't get bored of their food. By following Jenny's Feeding Guide and weighing out the correct amount of food, and feeding them 100% nutrition (food that has no nasty chemicals or fillers) I find the Complete Meal a very economical product, and cannot recommend it highly enough. If you love your dogs and cats, do them a favour and start feeding them The Complete Meal today.


testimonial JakeJamie Jamie & Jake 


When my dog, Chloe, was diagnosed with a serious medical condition her vet recommended that it would be helpful if I were to change her diet. She told me she had researched various diets and The Complete Meal came out on top. I immediately changed Chloe's diet to The Complete Meal and when I saw the difference it made to her condition I had no hesitation in giving it to my other dog.

Both these dogs have since passed away. I now have another two dogs who continue to thrive on The Complete Meal and other treats from Jenny's wide array.

But in addition to great food, Jenny has a vast knowledge of how dogs interact, and she will freely share this with you. I have been a recipient of such advice and support in solving a problem with my new dog and for this I am most grateful. By practising what Jenny advocates I have found that the dogs respond in such a way that they virtually train themselves!

I recommend her dog listening technique without hesitation.
Betty Mason


"Wow, Jenny's shop is unbelievable! She has an amazing range of natural & cruelty-free pet food products. My dogs absolutely love the complete pet patties, the chicken flavoured patties are their favourites. The selection of cruelty-free bones is great - I can give my dogs the bones they love without feeling guilty. Jenny is also a wealth of knowledge, which she is always happy to share, and I have learned so much from her just having a chat about our dogs. It's always such a pleasure to drop in and say hi."
Heidi Snowdon, Ferny Grove, QLD



I am so happy with the "Complete Pet Company" and the guidance I have had from Jenny Golsby that I just had to pass this on.
Three years ago I acquired a German Shepherd named Tyson from "Four Paws Rescue" which is an organisation that finds homes for dogs who have been rescued from bad situations or been given up because there owners can no longer care for them. Tyson had been chained to a tree from eight weeks old until ten months old - which is when Four Paws stepped in and rescued him. I strongly believe if you are going to give a dog a home, go to a pound or rescue organisation and give it to a dog who really needs one!!!!
When I got Tyson he was constantly scratching and nibbling himself he suffered with ear problems and would come up with little red lumps all over him, and he had a very powerful musty smell which apparently goes hand in hand with yeast infections - all of this on top of other issues that he had - so for the first two years I was constantly bathing him and taking him to the Vet nearly every four to six weeks, it was costing a fortune, they would put him on antibiotiics and he would be ok for a couple of weeks then it would come back again. I was at my wits end, not to mention poor Tyson.

I decided I would do some research on Dog allergies and stumbled across "The Complete Pet Company," After reading Jenny's website I decided to ring her then and there, we spoke for about an hour regarding Tyson and I can't tell you how relieved I felt after talking to her, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. We organised to meet that Saturday so I could get some of her food for Tyson, within the first month I started to notice a big difference, his coat went from dull to very glossy, no more lumps, no more smell and the scratching was minimal.

About six months after starting Jenny's food I noticed Tysons back legs were giving way, he had a paralysis tick, I took him to the vet and was told to prepare for the worst, he spent four nights at the vets and he pulled through, the Vet was amazed. I honestly believe his healthy diet attributed to his recovery. It has been 12 months since I started feeding Tyson Jenny's "Complete Meal" and the difference in him blows me away, not only is he healthy he is also very happy.

Thanks Jenny for all your help and advice and also for recommending Jan Fennell's book "The Dog Listener" it has been an invaluable tool in dealing with Tyson's other issues.

Kind regards
Julie and Tyson Tripp.


Before bringing our puppy home we researched the best food for dogs and came across Jenny's Complete Pet Meal. We have raised our dog solely on the Complete Meal since she was 9 weeks old, and our vet also believes that this is the best food you can feed your dog. We have never had any issues with skin allergies, bad breath, odour and overall poor health you hear about from fellow dog owners. There seems to be lesser quality imitations around but we trust Jenny's ethics towards animals and believe her product is the highest quality."
Simon and Kari and Emmy


We were never comfortable feeding our dog biscuits out of a bag. We wanted a meal that was not only delicious but good for him. Our dog Brutus loves the food and we couldn't be happier. Now we don't have to worry, we know he is getting a well balanced diet of nothing but goodness.
I am so grateful to the ladies, it is always a pleasure talking to them and listening to their wonderful advice.
N.Nasavanh QLD


My dog Jemba is 7 years old and has been on dry dog food all her life.
She has always suffered from a flea allergy even though I use flea prevention.
Every time she got a flea bite I would end up at the vets getting her antibiotics and creams, not to mention giving them lots of money.
I have known about Jenny and her food for many years and although I believed what she said about giving my dog a more natural diet, I never really took it seriously as I thought it wouldn't make much difference to my dog (after all I was buying very expensive dry dog food).
But after the last bout of a flea allergy, I was determined to try something else for the sake of my dogs happiness and well being.
I had no idea that the food would affect her immune system in the way it has.
Jemba still itches when she gets a flea bite, but it heals with in a day or two with no pills, creams or shots.
Not only does she have a fantastic coat and has lost the 1-2 kilos in weight, which I just couldn't manage to move, Jemba absolutely loves the food and wow how easy it is to feed her.
I also had no idea I would have this amazing feeling that I am helping with the battle against animal cruelty just by buying Jenny's food, maybe a small step but a step in the right direction for animals and education.
So you got me Jenny, after all these years I'm just sorry for my dog's sake that I didn't change her food years before.
Thank You for all your hard work, passion and dedication to making animals lives better.
Thanks Sacha & Jemba



I bought my dog, a pure breed wire hair fox terrier, Amity to see Eileen as she was desperately unwell with a skin allergy, as well as being in gross pain. She was a mess. I had tried for years to treat the constant scratching, smell and skin breakdown with expensive and continual visits to the vet. Sometimes the potent drugs would give Amity temporary relief after backing up with a course of steroids. However I started to notice the symptoms were coming back more aggressively with each flare up. That was when I decided to find a dog Naturopath. I chose Natural Animal Care as it was the closest to home. On my first visit I met Eileen, she was amazing, so caring and helpful. It didn't take long to get results. Eileen gave Amity a massage which seemed to settle her down after weeks of constant irritation. All the drugs given were natural. Eileen also recommended a complete change of diet. I was desperate, so I was prepared to try anything.


Eileen referred me to Jenny at The Complete Pet Company. I got fantastic advice which seemed to make sense and I wondered why I had for so many years elected to give Amity dried food full of preservatives. Amity's skin took about one month to fully recover. She loves the food and I no longer have uneaten dog food sitting around for the flies. She is always waiting for her food now and gulps it down with delight. I love that when I feed her I can see the colourful vegetables in her food.


Amity has had one relapse after we gave her some 'treats'. Once again, Eileen was incredibly supportive. Amity was very unwell and requried a few different types of medications and it took some time for her to recover. Today Amity is the healthiest she has ever been. Her coat is fantastic and all of my friends ask "What did you do?"


I am very grateful for the amazing support and advice given to me by both Eileen and The Complete Pet Company.

I now have a new dog.