Simply Puppies

My Simply Puppies Class is a 4-week programme lasting between 30 and 45 minutes per class once a week (6.30pm – 7.15pm).

My goal is to ensure no puppy is placed under any stress. Therefore I will be limiting these classes to 4 puppies only.

For Puppies aged between 10 – 16 weeks.

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The Complete Dog 3 Day Workshops

Our workshop is run over 3 days.  It is an introduction to understanding and improving your dog’s behaviour through mutual Trust, Respect and Kindness.

Detailed, interesting, thought provoking, interactive and fun. The Complete Dog workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to provide a fresh new approach to live harmoniously with your dog.

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Health & Harmony Dog Symposium

Our goal is to provide you with a Symposium that will deliver knowledge, resources, services and training to improve HEALTH & HARMONY for dogs across Australia.

We bring you the BEST of the BEST EXPERT SPEAKERS in their respective field to share their knowledge to help you feel more empowered with caring for your dog.

Each year we invite local, national and international speakers to join us and we are very excited and proud to announce Amber Batson – Veterinary Behaviourist, as our 2020 International Guest Speaker.  Amber will thoroughly dissect the topic of STRESS, helping us to understand this hot topic and how this 6 letter word can impact your dog’s health and behaviour!

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