So you have decided to switch from a dry, processed cat food to a raw, natural, preservative free diet for your cat – you are already halfway there.

Congratulations, I am sure if your cat could thank you, it would.

I have to admit, my research and customers tell me that converting the cat is a little tougher than the dog, but nonetheless it can be done.

We also have to consider that cats may be addicted to the food they are on, especially if it’s high in carbohydrates.

This is when it may become a battle of wills, your battle and your cat’s will.

A small suggestion would be to ensure there is no food left out for your cat and combine the old with the new.  Place the bowl down and remove it if your cat refuses to eat.

Fortunately for you, the cat is capable of eating small amounts of food so this gives you – the food provider – the opportunity to serve up the raw food and satisfy their hunger.

If you stick to your guns over a couple of weeks your cat will embrace its new diet.

Raw, whole foods are much more satisfying than dehydrated, processed foods.

Less hunger leads to less annoyance in the kitchen.

Hint – cats prefer their food slightly warm, so I recommend placing the patty in a stainless steel bowl and place the bowl in warm water – this way you can warm the patty without cooking the ingredients.

Here are some of the changes or improvements you can generally expect after switching your cat to the Complete Meal©

  • Fewer allergies.
  • A softer, shinier coat.
  • Behaviour problems may decline as there are no chemicals, preservatives or additives in the patties.
  • A huge shift in diseases involving:
    • Thyroid issues
    • Kidney complications
    • Urinary tract infections – Cystitis (bladder infections), kidney stones and crystals
    • Dental issues