For many people, switching a dog from a commercial dog food to the “Complete Meal©” will have twinges of panic.  “Will they get sick?”  “Will they get diarrhea?”  “Am I feeding them correctly?”  “Am I feeding them too little/too much?”

But once you actually see your dog eating and thriving on the “Complete Meal©” as the weeks, then months go by and nothing terrible happens, you will begin to relax.  Feeding this way will feel perfectly natural – which is exactly what it is!

Many conventional vets are opposed to a raw food diet and persuade dog owners to feed a “dry kibble or biscuits” instead.  Seriously, how can something artificial be better than something raw and natural?!

Here are some of the changes or improvements you can generally expect after switching your dog to the Complete Meal©

Digestion: The “Complete Meal©” is much more digestible and your dog’s body doesn’t have to work as hard to extract the much needed nutrients.

Digestion time for raw food: 8 – 10 hours
Cooked/processed food: up to 18 hours

Increased hydration: Fresh raw fruit, vegetables and meat contain plenty of fluid.

Smaller volume of stool: The “Complete Meal©” is fresh and more easily digested and absorbed.  What goes in gets used.  As a result, dogs fed the “Complete Meal©” produce a smaller amount of stool which are often harder and have little to no smell, turn white within a couple of days and can be placed in the garden.

Fewer anal-gland problems: The consistency of the stools passed, as mentioned above, tend to stimulate and empty a dog’s anal glands naturally.

Fewer ear infections: A diet of no grains can help clear frustrating infections.

Bloat management: It is believed that a raw diet does not expand in the stomach and can reduce the possibility of bloat (gastric torsion or canine torsion).  Deadly to your dog!!

Oral care: Raw bones are part of the “Complete Meal©” diet programme. They help improve teeth, gums, bad breath and eliminate the need for teeth cleaning by the veterinarian.

Reduced odour: A healthy dog does not smell!!

Skin issues: The “Complete Meal©” will help reduce skin disease, itchiness and allergies.

Coat: Your dog’s coat will be softer and shinier.